About us

Burnitur History

     Our company, which started its production process in 2003 with a Round Oven, has been serving our customers in European standards with Burnitur and OEM brands as a global supplier to all cooker groups as of 2012.By the end of 2022, our company, which has been producing for 102 different brands on 5 continents in a total closed area of ​​130.000m², has reached a daily production capacity of 4.500 cookers.
     Our company, which has a wide range of production with Full Size, Built-in, Cooktop, Mini Oven and Hood, also has the flexibility to work with more than one customer in the same market with different product's faces.
    Our company, which cares about the price-quality balance, offers quality products to the whole world at reasonable prices without compromising on safety.In the coming years, we want to maintain our quality standard and produce special products for all world markets, and ensure that more people meet the quality of BURNITUR.
     Our aim is to make the BURNITUR brand a world brand born in TURKIYE.

  • Quality-oriented production
  • Customer happiness
  • Technology follower R&D team
  • Full support at every moment of production